Management Services

Association Solutions can assist with managing your Organisation. The day to day management of a not-for-profit association can be difficult if managed by a volunteer committee with varying degrees of time and resources. A lack of management with your planning, business procedures or paid staff can lead to a disastrous result. Let us help you take the pain out of the every day grind allowing your board to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

Association Solutions will go a step further than managing the business and will work with your board to strategically plan for your future. The first step in planning is to assess where you are now. What do you do that works, what needs work and what do your members think of your service? Let us review your Association and help unlock your future.

Key Services

  • Organisational Reviews and Health Checks

  • Strategic and Business planning sessions (eg: Strategic retreats for boards members)

  • Write and implement strategic and business plans

  • Assistance with writing vision and mission statements

  • Manage your business processes by streamlining procedures

  • Manage any existing assets or staff

  • Manage member services and events

  • Manage the Association's intellectual property

  • Assist with Corporate Governance requirements

  • Ensure the Association is performing in according with their Rules of Association

  • Facilitate board meetings

  • Monitor and motivate committee members to ensure tasks are progressing

  • Liaise with national and international governing bodies