Our humble beginnings

and how we grow along with our clients

In 2006, Danielle Bolton was working for 2 not-for-profit organisations and when she was approached by a third to help out. She decided that it was time to start a business and help out those who needed it. So on the 6th of December 2006… Association Solutions was born.

Danielle realised that not-for-profits are usually on very tight budgets and often don’t have the funds to supply an office, computer equipment, phone lines etc. They also often don’t have the structure to employ staff, pay workers compensation, superannuation, PAYG and all that goes with having staff members. She realised that by providing this type of service, she could offer services to organisations on an hourly basis when they needed it without the need to outlay upfront costs. It also meant that the organisation wasn’t paying for staff when they didn’t need them - making their funds stretch as far as possible. The work structure was developed on a virtual platform, so it doesn’t matter where clients are located - we are just around the corner.

This system has proved very successful and has helped a number of Organisations grow their business to the point where they can be financially sustainable and employ full time staff and have their own office. This is the greatest reward when a client gets to this point.

It’s hard to believe it was all those years ago that we started off. We have been fortunate to have some very talented team members help out along the way and we have done some amazing work for many well deserving organisations. Take a look at our Gallery to see just a small selection of what we have done over the years.

We are always looking for new organisations to help. Our work has extended from Not-for-Profit to for profit clients. If you need help with any aspect of office, administration or event work - just let us know.