Our Team

The Association Solutions team are talented, dedicated and multi skilled professionals.  

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Danielle Bolton - Director

Danielle has had an extensive career in managing multiple tasks, events and people to obtain a successful and dynamic result.  Danielle uses her excellent communication skills, unique problem solving abilities, creativity and attention to detail to build fabulous events that bring rewards to attendees, clients and team members.  She brings a smile to the face of those she works for and with.   Her cool composure resolves even the most complex challenge.  Danielle works with Senior Executives, Board Members, government Ministers, team members, venue staff and contractors, treating everyone with a professional respect and encouragement to help get the most out of everyone involved.  Danielle has worked in all areas of Australia and New Zealand.  She can do anything from manage board meetings, multiple contractors and staff members to making coffee.

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Denise Sheard

Denise has an extensive career within the Not-for-profit sector with both Associations and Charities.  All her working career, she has worked with volunteers which require a certain finesse to manage, organise and motivate to get the best out of the team.  Denise’s excellent interpersonal skills are just one of the many that have made her a valuable asset to any organisation lucky enough to have her.  She also has a very keen eye for detail, a flair for the written word and excellent organisational skills.

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Anne Young

Anne’s strong organisational skills and business acumen have enabled her to manage the operations of not-for-profit, corporate, business and functional objectives.  Anne prides herself in her ability to devise researched, actionable, relevant and competitive new business strategies for implementation.  

Throughout her career, she has consistently applied creativity within a discipline.  Anne needs to have boundaries and the freedom to work within them in order to get the best out of herself.  She is keen to encourage staff education and enjoy watching, and applauding the development of her team.  Anne is also highly skilled at effectively working with volunteers for a variety of backgrounds.   She is a quick learner and will continue to pick up required skills which add value to her role within an organisation.

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